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WORLDLINK Citizenship Consultant (WCC)

As Cambodia’s most trustworthy immigration facilitator, we make your investment dream comes true.

we offer a full suite of visa and immigration services to foreign nationals seeking to enter Cambodia as well as Cambodians seeking to travel or study overseas or seek citizenship in another country. WCC has its roots in the Kingdom’s most trusted and professional realtor which was established in 1999. Since then WORLDLINK Citizenship Consultant (WCC) has been opening doors for foreign investors in every corner of Cambodia. Registeration Number: 00019790

Chairmant’s Message

First, I’d like to thank you for visiting our website. We recognize that you are interested in Cambodia and wish to invest your hard-earned money through our company. Cambodia is a developing country with a lot of potential for investment in all sectors.  I hope you find the information we provide here useful and helpful in your journey; for foreign investors who immigrate to Cambodia. We strive to provide you with the best available options and methods to create the best possible experience for you (and your family). On behalf of our team, I would like to extend my gratitude for our past clients who have trusted us to help in Cambodia, and to our potential new clients, I hope you find our company reliable and capable in assisting you to invest in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Our Achievements

Sucess customer from China, Hongkong, Korea, Macau, Myanmar, Rusian, Austarlia, France …,  Clients who have purposes on applying for Cambodian Citizenship by investment in Cambodia, can work directly with our company or our cooperative firms to invest in Cambodian real Estate industry.

Cambodia VIP VISA

All foreign nationals must obtain a visa to enter Cambodia except for those from countries with bilateral visa exception agreements with Cambodia. Citizens of Laos PDR, Malaysia, Vietnam can remain in Cambodia for 30 days without a visa. Citizens of the Philippines can remain here for 21 days, while Thai and Indonesian nationals can remain for 14 days. It is critical to note, however, that all foreign nationals must be carrying a passport that is valid for at least six months before they enter Cambodia. There are three key ways to obtain a visa to enter Cambodia :

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Apply at Cambodian Embassy
When doing this you will need to provide your 2 photographs, original passport and it must be valid for at least 6 months after your entry date into Cambodia.
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Visa on Arrival
Foreign nationals can obtain a 30-day tourist or business visa on arrival at the airport or any international border check points (citizens of some countries are excluded).
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Cambodian e-Visa
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has launched an e-Visa service to allow you to apply for a Cambodia tourist visa online.

Cambodia VISA Extension

Tourist (T) and Business (E) visas can be extended within Cambodia at the Immigration Department or through a travel agency. (T) can be extended once for up to one month while (E) can extend from one month to three months (single entry) and six months to one year (multiple entries).

Why Cambodian Citizenship

WORLDLINK has its roots in the Kingdom’s most trusted and professional realtor, which was established in 1999. Since then WORLDLINK Citizenship Consultant has been opening doors for foreign investors in every corner of Cambodia.

Our assistance in obtaining Cambodian citizenship is in line with Sub-decree 287, which clarified the process and requirements necessary to obtain citizenship when it’s because of law on May 31, 2013. In particular, Articles 10 and 11 outline how foreign investors can qualify for Cambodian citizenship.

Having Cambodian citizenship means:
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Law And Regulations

Law On Investment Of The Kingdom Of Cambodia

This law applies to governs all Qualified Investment Projects and regulates the process defines procedures by which any person establishes a Qualified Investment Project. Only Qualified Investment Projects are entitled to the benefits and subject to the obligation scope of this Law… Readmore

Citizenship Law Of The Kingdom Of Cambodia

The objective of this law is to determine the Khmer nationality/citizenship for those persons who fulfill the conditions under this law and who are living on the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia or abroad….. Readmore

Labor Law Of The Kingdom Of Cambodia

This law governs relations between employers and workers resulting from employment contracts to be performed within the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia, regardless of where the contract was made and what the nationality and residences of the contracted parties are…… Readmore

Law On Taxation Of The Kingdom Of Cambodia

his law is adopted by the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia on January 8, 1997 at the 7th session of the 1st legislature……. Readmore

How to Get Citizenship

  • Be over 18 years old, Be in good health and Have a current and valid passport.
  • Have made a qualifying investment and valid visa of entry into Cambodia.
Proof of no Criminal Record in Client’s Home Country
This Proof of no Criminal Record in Client’s Home Country should be in their language
Proof of no Criminal Record in Client’s Home Country (plus English translation)
This Proof of no Criminal Record in Client’s Home Country should be translated into the English Language by following the sample on the left-hand side.

Application Procedure

Option I: Setting up Company
Because client is required to invest at least 1, 250, 000,000 riel (approximately USD 100,0000), we will assist client to set up a company with the capital as stated. What client needs to do is just provide us required documents and cooperate when we need his presence. After getting the citizenship (getting the Royal Degree) client must invest the actual amount of approximately USD 310,000 or up in buying real estate or project investment approving by Cambodian Development Council (CDC). Another purpose of buying real estate is to prove that client truly has his residence in Cambodia so that we can put that address into an ID card, Resident Book and Passport.
Option II: Buying Real Estate
This option is most often used by investors who have already identified potential real estate or property to buy and are concerned that they may be too late if they wait for final approval to become a citizen. We assist the client by helping him or her make a down payment on the property or real estate so that they will not lose it. During the process of setting up a company, the client will transfer some money for the down payment. We will also help the client to negotiate with the property’s owner to provide him or her with the time required for obtaining citizenship before paying the outstanding amount of the price.

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