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Cambodia Citizenship Acquisition


About Us

WORLDLINK has its roots in the Kingdom’s most trusted and professional realtor, which was established in 1999. Since then WORLDLINK Citizenship Consultant has been opening doors for foreign investors in every corner of Cambodia.

Due to the accelerating demand for visas and citizenship, WORLDLINK now operates independently. As an independent company, we focus entirely on the immigration process. Our success is based on close collaboration with our expanding network of local and international partners, clearly structured advice and processes, and excellent service.

Our assistance in obtaining Cambodian citizenship is in line with Sub-decree 287, which clarified the process and requirements necessary to obtain citizenship when it's because of law on May 31, 2013. The sub-decree on “Forms and Procedures of Proposed Naturalization” clarifies how foreign nationals may obtain Cambodian citizenship. In particular, Articles 10 and 11 outlines how foreign investors can qualify for Cambodian citizenship.

Having Cambodian citizenship means:

  • You will be granted a Cambodian identity card and passport.
  • You will be legally entitled to own any kind of property.
  • You can live and work in Cambodia visa-free at any time and for as long as you want.
  • You can apply for concessions and licenses from the government that are restricted to Cambodian nationals.
  • RGC’s Cambodian Citizenship Program Overview

    A foreigner can be granted Cambodian citizenship if he or she invests a sum of money in Cambodia for the purposes of benefiting the people of Cambodia. In recognition of such altruism, a foreign investor is eligible to apply for Cambodian Citizenship.

    One consequence of this is that it becomes possible for a foreign national to acquire a 100% right of ownership and use over land or property purchased within Cambodia. This arrangement is recognized by the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and by the Royal Government of Cambodia.

    Citizenship is recognized by the Royal Government of Cambodia as a legitimate means of purchasing land or property within the country, but it does not affect the original citizenship of the foreign national who obtains Cambodian citizenship.


    ASEAN Benefits

    When the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) took effect at the end of 2015, it began further opening borders among citizens of ASEAN member states, allowing them to travel, live and work in any ASEAN country. As the AEC continues to evolve, citizens of any member state will be able to invest freely in any ASEAN country and businesses should be able to trade with any other ASEAN country freely.

    Travel Benefits

    As a Cambodian passport holder you can enjoy visa-free travel to 51 countries (including visa-on-arrival and e-visa).

    Dominica 21 days
    Haiti 3 months
    Nicaragua 90 days
    St. Kitts and Nevis 90 days
    St. Lucia 6 weeks
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines 1 month
    Ecuador 90 days
    Guyana 30 days
    Suriname 2 months
    Federated States of Micronesia 30 days
    Palau 30 days
    Samoa 60 days
    Tuvalu 1 months
    Cook Islands 31 days
    Niue 30 days
    Armenia 120 days
    Brunei 14 days
    Georgia 90 days
    India 30 days
    Macau 30 days
    Malaysia 1 month
    Maldives 30 days
    Myanmar 28 days
    Malaysia 28 days
    Nepal 90 days
    Indonesia 30 days
    Iran 15 days
    Kosovo 90 days
    Kuwait 3 months
    Laos 30 days
    Philippines 21 days
    Singapore 30 days
    South Korea 30 days
    Thailand 14 days
    Timor Leste 30 days
    Vietnam 30 days
    Burundi 1 month
    Cape Verde VOA
    Central African Republic 7 days
    Comoros VOA
    Djibouti VOA
    Egypt 30 days
    The Gambia VOA (charter flight/tour package) VOA
    Ghana e-visa
    Kenya 3 months
    Madagascar 90 days
    Mozambique 30 days
    Sao Tome and Principe 1 month
    Seychelles 1 month
    Tanzania VOA
    Togo 7 days
    Uganda VOA
    Zambia 90 days

    Basic Requirements

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Have a current and valid passport.
  • Be of sound mind.
  • Be in good health.
  • Have made a qualifying investment in Cambodia.
  • Have a valid visa of entry into Cambodia.
  • **Interested Client Must Submit the Following Documents:
    Land Invetstment
    Property Development Project (i.e. Condo, Apartment…)

    Service Fee

    Cambodian Citizenship Service

    Type Duration
    V.I.P Service 3 months and 15 days
    Normal Service 6 – 8 months
  • Note:
  • **Durations above may be deferred due to public holiday
  • **Durations above do not include the processing period with Ministry of Commerce and the General Department of Taxation.

  • Payment Conditions

    Payment Amount
    Initial Payment
    (must be paid on the signature date on the Service Contract)
    50% of the agreed service fee
    Second Payment
    (must be paid after client received the copy of approval letter from the Ministry of Interior)
    35% of the agreed service fee
    Third Payment
    (must be paid after client received the copy of Royal Decree)
    10% of the agreed service fee
    Final Payment
    (must be paid on the day client receives Khmer Identity Card, Passport, and Residential Book)
    5% of the agreed service fee
    **All fees must be refunded if client doesn’t get citizenship.

    Special Conditions

    For the interested client who wishes to acquire Cambodian Citizenship and makes an investment in real estate through W.C.C is eligible for the Investment Advisory

    Investment Options

    Citizenship-by-Investment programs offer you the opportunity to legally acquire a new nationality and an alternative or second passport quickly and simply, without major disruption to your life.

    Cambodia is the Citizenship-by-Investment programs which we considers sufficiently clear in law and processes, and having sufficient reputation and transparency, to be considered the top tier of Citizenship-by-Investment programs.

    Clients have 3 choices in the way of investment to be qualified for Cambodia Citizenship.

    Because client is required to invest at least 1, 250, 000,000 riel (approximately USD 100,0000), we will assist client to set up a company with the capital as stated. What client needs to do is just provide us required documents and cooperate when we need his presence. After getting the citizenship (getting the Royal Degree) client must invest the actual amount of approximately USD 310,000 or up in buying real estate or project investment approving by Cambodian Development Council (CDC). Another purpose of buying real estate is to prove that client truly has his resident in Cambodia so that we can put that address into ID card, Resident Book and Passport.

    This option is most often used by investors who have already identified potential real estate or property to buy and are concerned that they may be too late if they wait for final approval to become a citizen. We assist the client by helping him or her make a down payment on the property or real estate so that they will not lose it. During the process of setting up a company, the client will transfer some money for the down payment. We will also help the client to negotiate with the property’s owner to provide him or her with the time required for obtaining citizenship before paying the outstanding amount of the price.

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